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Ekstrum Simmentals is a family operation located south of Kimball, SD.  My Uncles Richard and Duane with my father John started AIing and performance testing cattle in the early 60s.  They started breeding Simmental genetics in 1970.  Today the operating consists of my father John and me (Clay).

In the 80s we used and bought many sires out of Canada that were Fleck influenced.  Focusing on 6.5-7 frame, high maternal, and performance.  In the early 90ís we started using Red Angus to give the cattle a more solid color pattern.  We still selected the same traits for the Red Angus as we do for the Simmental.

Production Sale - February 16, 2019




DKSR Coach D95
ASA #3188814
Sire: IPU Red Zone 82Y
Dam: DCR Ms Redgie Z127
BW: 101lbs Adj. WW 820lb
EPD's CE 4.7 BW 5 WW 90 YW 128.1 MCE 13.2 MM 31.1 MWW 76.1
Homo Polled Solid Red Non Diluter. High seller in Kunkel Simmentals 2017 sale.



BBS Hurricane D15
ASA # 3166697
Sire: Gibbs 06601X Raisin Cain
Dam: BBS: True Renegade B13
BW: 92 lbs Adj. WW 884 lbs
EPD's CE 13.3 BW 1.5 WW 89.4 YW 141.7 MCE 12.7 MM 18.3 MWW 63
Homo Black Homo Polled.
Lead off bull in Bata Bros. 2017 sale.



JBS Mr. Pace 010B
ASA #2896770

Sire: ASR/GLS Pacesetter U862
Dam: JBS Miss Force 708X
BW 105lbs    Adj WW 815lb
EPD'S BW 12.1 BW 1.5 WW 74.1 YW 110
MCE 12.9 MM 25.9 MWW 62.5
High selling Red Bull in Benda Simmentals 2015 sale. Solid red nondiluter homo polled. 



MRL 128W
Sire: MRL Black Bear 79S
Dam: MRL Miss 824S (TNT Dynamite Black X BH Limited Black)
Solid Red Non-diluter   Homo Polled
Birth Date 1/30/09    Birth WT: 98lb
205 Day WT: 812lb  
EPD'S CE 4 BW 7.2 WW 66.3 YW 104.5
MCE 11.7 MM 18.9 MWW 52

Purebred Simmental    ASA #2529297
Semen $25/straw   20 units or more $20/straw


Trax's Deadwood A82
Sire: MJ Marathon 6W
Dam: C2 Shear Force 62W
Solid Red Non-Diluter Homo Polled
Birth Date 3/15/13    Birth Wt: 96lb
Adj WW 767lb    Adj YW 1584lb
EPD's CE 9.9  BW 2.5  WW 65.6  YW 105.8
MCE 11.1  MM 32.3  MWW 65.1
Purebred Simmental ASA#   2795819
High Selling Bull in Traxingers Simmentals 2014 Sale



Information Request 

Ekstrum Simmentals & Simm/Genetics
36220 257th St., Kimball, SD 57355

Clay Ekstrum

605-778-6185 (H)
605-730-1511 (C)
John Ekstrum


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